Is it worth presenting a parental agreement at the divorce?

A parental agreement is nothing more than a written document, drawn up by parents of a minor child, regarding parental authority and parental contact with the child. The parental agreement includes an educational plan that is not “rigid” arrangements of parents and should be adapted to the needs of the child and take into account

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Wishes and Christmas break

On the occasion of Christmas, we wish you all the prosperity, joy and professional fulfillment for the whole of New 2019. We would also like to inform you that the law office will be closed on 21/12/2018 – 07/01/2019.

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Opening of the branch of the Law Office in Częstochowa

On 29/09/2018 we have officially started operations in the new branch of the EGILEX Office in Częstochowa, ul. May 1, 40b. Thank you all for coming for the open day. We invite all residents of Częstochowa and the surrounding area to use the services of lawyers from the office and we invite you to free

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Changes in the Family and Guardianship Code

Design changes in the Family and Guardianship Code in the scope of exercising parental authority, divorce proceedings – the Civil Procedure Code and the Criminal Code In the proposed changes, it was added to art. 58 – § 1 aa, and to art. 107 §2a which introduces the so-called alternating care. The court may, at

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Training for companies – RODO

Prawnicy Kancelarii prowadzą szkolenia dla firm z nowych przepisów o ochronie danych osobowych - RODO.  Kontaktując się z Kancelarią można zamówić wdrożenie RODO  czyli przygotowanie niezbędnej dokumentacji do firmy w zakresie ochrony danych osobowych, jak również ustalenie procesu - schematu postępowania w firmie w zakresie ochrony danych osobowych. Continue reading

Changes in employment regulations for foreigners

From January 1, 2018. the regulations regarding the employment of foreigners in Poland have changed. The new regulations impose new obligations on Employers (entrepreneurs), as well as penalties for failure to implement them when the foreigner is employed, eg a citizen of Ukraine and Belarus. Our Law Firm’s lawyers analyze foreigner documents and provide Employer’s

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New Year’s wishes

EGILEX  team welcomes everyone in the New Year 2018. In the New Year, lawyers of our Law Firm will continue to provide free legal advice to the residece city Chrzanów, Trzebinia   every third Saturday of each month and legal advice within the Municipal Centre for Accident Information every Friday, which was established under the patronage

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