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What is property? When do you become the owner of a thing?

Property is the law. The property right can be divided into universal, which is vested in every person, and indefinite.

The object of ownership can only be things (movables and real estate) and there is no exception to this rule. Land properties are parts of the earth’s surface constituting a separate object of ownership, and the ownership of the land extends to the space above and below its surface, while its boundaries, both deeper and higher, determine the socio-economic purpose of the land.

In Poland, there are many legal options thanks to which we can acquire property rights, i.e.

– Agreement on the transfer of ownership

– Transfer of property by virtue of law

– Based on court rulings

– Acquisition through inheritance

– Acquisition of property on the basis of a marriage contract

When you acquire ownership, you also acquire the rights to: own things, use things and dispose of the thing. Who owns the property can benefit from extensive protection against the violation of his right by other people. This is enabled by provision 222 of the Civil Code, which grants the owner the right to claim: recovery (i.e. mining) and negative (to cease violations).

These two claims protect the right of the owner in a manner appropriate to the type of infringement committed.