Dear Sir or Madam ,
In connection with many global bans introduced due to the coronovirus, we are introducing a new mode of contact with the Chancellery.
In order to obtain legal advice or order a legal analysis of your problem, you can contact lawyers by:
1) e-mail:
2) by phone: 512 584 005 Elżbieta Pę bol Kunert; 605 044 259 Sławomir Maryon;
3) via Skype – if you want to meet us – face to face and talk. You can find us under the nickname: Ela Pedzialek, Sławomir Maryon, Ewa Buchowiecka, Alicja Michalik and invite to contact by entering the message “legal advice”.

Please be advised that advice is payable in the same way as in the case of previous personal contact at the Chancellery