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Elżbieta Pędziałek-Kunert

Lawyer, manager


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  • E-mail: kancelaria@egilex.pl
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She holds a medical and pedagogical education in the following specializations: rehabilitation, oligophrenopedagogy, educational and caring pedagogy with social work. She obtained her second Master's degree in legal sciences. She wants to get PhD in law.  She also completed postgraduate studies in organization and management. She completed training:
  • on alternative dispute resolution and mediation methods; (family mediation)
  • protection of personal data - powers of the personal data protection officer
  • criminal family protection
  • accountancy in economic law
  • interpersonal communication
  • finance
  • rights in education
  • other
She gained her professional experience by working as a teacher, therapist with medical preparation and working as a lecturer - trainer leading lectures, seminars and training courses.  She was a family curator of justice, where she was  gained considerable experience in the field of application of child protection law, family protection, work efficiency and communication with the so-called "family law" a difficult customer. The leading specialisation in which he has the greatest experience is family law and family law matters (cases of limitation of parental authority, cases of deprivation of parental authority, cases of establishing parents' contacts with a child, maintenance cases, cases of divorce, separation) and others. In practice, it has also acquired expertise in the conduct of judicial proceedings under the Hague Convention. Her medical knowledge allows for detailed analysis and opinion on medical errors and claims.