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In our times medical professions and institutions providing the medical assistance are treated as subjects from which they require the knowledge, cares and conscientiousnesses. On this competence a trust of the patient in the doctor who is a subject providing the healing service is being built. The violation of this competence often causes the so-called civil liability for damage caused on patient.

We deal with individual matters connected with obtaining compensation for mistakes of the medical staff made while curing, as well as obtaining compensation for mistakes from the fault of the badly functioning healing plant.

Persons providing medical services are a guarantor of not taking place of adverse effects of taken medicinal properties. However the effect of the disturbance to health isn’t often a result of the applied treatment but the negative effect is being assigned to this action. Clarifying such an incident requires the specialistic knowledge and experience not only in a criminal law, but also in the procedural and material scope, and the iatrology at least in the general degree.

We represent sides (suspect, accused) in criminal proceedings concerning criminal liability of persons granting  health benefits, in relation to adverse effects of the treatment.